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Salvagecars - is salvage car auction archive Copart & IAAI. Pull up a free VIN report, show archive photos and all available information about vehicles

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"The best service for used/salvage vehicles. I find comparables and stop guessing what a vehicle is worth."

Alex K.



"This service can used as vin-check. I vin-check copart auto and avoid vehicles that have a checkered history. I can see the history of a cars and value estimate"

Jack M.


About Salvagecars

In 2018 computer professional Max Blade and his friend Daniel started service which they called salvagecars. Originally Max wanted to know the history of a vehicle price and value estimate, but the partners achieved much more.

Now Salvagecars is the biggest and most trusted source of information about the history of salvage American cars - auction details (IAAI, Copart), sale price and archived vehicle photos by VIN. Having started with the information about 10 000 cars, Salvagecars database expanded to 14 million records. The company co-operates with buyers from all over the world, car dealers, repair shops, insurers, inspectors and appraisers and other partners.

Salvagecars has helped millions of car buyers make their best choice and avoid hidden troubles. On the other hand, the database of the company helps car dealers all over the world. They can sell American salvage cars confidently and maintain good reputation.

Salvagecars changed the whole used cars market. Today almost no used car in the USA is bought or sold without check in Salvagecars Vehicle History Report.